Tacos, Schrödinger’s Cat style


Here we are.

And I may have messed up dinner.

And L isn’t home yet.

Anyway, here’s what happened:

L sent me a recipe to make, for Mexican shredded chicken, to put in the crock pot to make tacos with later tonight. I scrolled too far down on the link she sent me, and instead followed a recipe for something else. Something else which is not meant to be put in a crock pot. I did this anyway, without realizing my mistake until later. Here’s what I put in:

-A shredded chicken breast (shredding chicken breasts, by the way, is DISGUSTING when they aren’t cooked.)

-1/2 an onion, diced and cooked in olive oil (I’ve recently learned how to cook onions, so I put them in EVERYTHING. Here’s a tip: don’t put onions in everything. Just most things.)

-2 cans of diced tomatoes

-half a bag or so of frozen corn I found in the freezer

-a little thing of what appears to be leftover black beans

-a tiny can of tomato paste

-various spices: cumin, onion powder, onion onion (which you actually CAN put in everything), garlic powder, chili powder, and pepper.

It’s been a couple hours. I haven’t opened the pot yet. According to Schrödinger (and some sketchy associative logic), the food is, as of this moment, SIMULTANEOUSLY TERRIBLE AND AWESOME. I got a job recently, and today I decluttered the apartment and vacuumed- presumably, L will still want to marry me after tonight. I’ll keep y’all updated.


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3 thoughts on “Tacos, Schrödinger’s Cat style

  1. Lynn Huenemann says:

    Experimental cooking at our house tonight was Jamaican Jerk Beef with Sweet Potatoes and Greens (Purple Savoy) – got a new cookbook for Christmas. It was delicious. (Served the jerk sauce on the side because I wasn’t sure yet, but I think I do like it). I did not shred the raw beef before cooking it. That would be disgusting.

    Live and learn sonny.

  2. The rule at our house is: ‘experimental’ cooking is fine, but there’s always a pizza as plan B. Worse comes to worse, call me for dinner tonight!

    • jhuenem2 says:

      L here-

      We will be going out tonight…didn’t quite work as planned. That’s ok- we learn from our cooking mistakes! And yes, I still plan to marry J. 🙂


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