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Emerging Columbus Artist Breaks from Convention (and Sanitation)

A rare photo of the artist sitting still, next to her work.

A rare photo of the artist sitting still, posing by her work.

Working under the name “Bingley”, young artist Froderich H. forayed into post-modern deconstructionalism this morning with the opening of her new installation, Papier.

Bingley has a tendency toward using more flexible and chewable substances as a medium. Previous work with these materials include What is carpet for? (A daring neo-conceptual piece wherein carpet becomes comestible), and Kittypoop Sports, an interactive exhibit.

Though it has no particular focal point, the only use of color in the piece is found on the knocked-over trashcan, salvaged from the artist’s apartment.

When asked by YPH representatives if the irony of using adhesives formed from her own body to attach pieces of material commonly used for sanitary processes was intentional, the artist regarded them silently with a blank, disdainful stare (pictured above).


This newest installation is not without a sonic element- the artist herself had a hand in its marketing, announcing its completion by dancing around, very early in the morning, saying,


Other images of the work can be seen below.



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So I just bumped into the wall in my hallway for the 27th time this morning…

…and then felt compelled to look at the positives of our apartment. When you can’t swing a cat around without hitting the wall or furniture of a tiny living space, it can be frustrating to work/cook/relax at home. Here are 5 things that have made life easier for L and me, residing within 650 square feet:

Try not to have one space where all of your extra junk goes to die. We’re actually guilty of this at the moment, given that the office has become “wedding central” until we can organize where it’s all going to go- but kicking myself into getting organized has helped me breathe easier, once I can walk into any room and see floor space and clean surfaces.

If you have limited counter space in the kitchen, keep it free of appliances. Even if it seems like a bit of a hassle to keep the toaster/coffee maker/QVC-purchased-object-that-almost-kind-of-works in the cabinets or on top of the fridge, a clutter-free counter gives the illusion of having much more space.

Got a small-ish rug? Stick it partway out from under the couch or love seat. This will give the look of having increased floor space, so that other matching rugs or the coffee table seem to have a bit more room.

Think vertical. A tall bookshelf or floor lamp (or this cool clock from IKEA) will draw the eyes upward a bit and create some depth to the living room.

A few minutes of straightening up every day is way easier than spending an afternoon on it. Take ten minutes, right now, and see how many things you can get off the floor. Tomorrow, do the same thing with your kitchen table/counter, etc. Small amounts of work at a time can be just as efficient, and MUCH less stressful.

This last one may not really count…

Get yourself a bigger apartment. We’re planning to move pretty soon. Fear not, we’ll keep blogging!


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Ok, no, we’re not.

But kind of.

Just looked at how many different countries our readers and subscribers come from, and it felt kind of cool.



Now that I’ve moved home, L and I are planning a New Year’s party, our first big-time entertaining attempt in our home together. We’re being a bit ridiculous- as I sit here next to her on the couch, we fist pump every time someone responds to our facebook event. I am going to marry this woman.

Here are a couple things we’re thinking of having at said party:

-Pigs in a blanket, arranged into a wreath

-Champagne (I believe it’s pronounced Shamm-pag-in) cut-out cookies (kind of awesome)

Shamm-pag-in jello with pop rocks (really awesome)

Mini-vegetarian-tacomuffin-type-deals (remember those?)

Any other ideas? Leave comments and let us know!


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Stuff and things

Since it’s been a few days, here’s a whole buncha stuff we’ve been doing!














This is the flower girl dress we picked out- $7 on clearance at Macy’s! We’re headed to a cake tasting next week, too.

FUN THING: registering for all of the stuff you want for a new apartment in your married life. We spent a very happy afternoon indulging in all the things Bed Bath and Beyond had to offer, and had an excellent sales rep who helped us out the whole time. Marriage is about committing your life to the person you love the most in the whole world.

(But also you get some free stuff.)


Well, we finally found some popsicle molds for all of our tasty, frozen… experiments. Here’s this week’s:













  • A thing of raspberries
  • 2 cups of milk
  • Tablespoon of vanilla
  • Tablespoon of agave syrup
  • a gallon or so of ice
  • some salt

Mix the milk, vanilla, and agave, pour that into a quart sized plastic bag. Fill a gallon size bag with ice and sprinkle with a healthy dose of salt. Put the liquid bag into the ice bag, and top it with a bit more ice and salt if necessary.


For like 15 minutes.

You’ll get kind of tired.


And you may want to wear oven mitts. It turns out that shaking a bag of ice with oven mitts for 15 minutes makes you look HILARIOUS, but let me remind you:


When it’s partially frozen, smush 3 or 4 raspberries into each mold, and fill in the rest of it with ice cream. Freeze all of that for a good long while (we usually leave them overnight).


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