We threw our first party!

Right now…really tired.

Last night…awesome time.

New Year’s seems like a great time to invite a few friends over. So, we did.

And, we did it all for $100!

Main reason: Aldi. I love Aldi. We are lucky enough to live near two stores, and we buy all of our groceries from there. In an average week, J and I will spend about $35-40 a week on groceries from Aldi ($5 a day to feed two people three meals). For $100, J and I were able to buy groceries to make:

*mozzarella filled biscuits

*baked chicken nuggets

*mini tacos (made for a different post this summer)

*crescent roll- wrapped sausages

*champagne jello shots

*mimosa punch

*homemade herbed shortbread and crackers with brie and havarti

*candied mixed nuts

*curry-roasted chickpeas

*veggie chips

*tortilla chips and salsa

*chocolate truffles

*key lime pie truffles


We fed about 20 people and had hardly any food leftover.

What do we have leftover? Cookies.


So many cookies. Everyone brought at least a dozen cookies.


We rang in the new year with good friends in our home, which was definitely nice.

2013 brings the year that J and I finally get married, after our 7 1/2 year long relationship. We are a little excited, to say the least.

Looking forward to what 2013 will bring!


-j and l


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