Snowed…out? Also, Pickles.

Happy Holidays!

J and I have been spending a lovely holiday with his family in Rochester, NY. However, we seem to have found ourselves in quite the pickle (1st use of this word for the post). We were planning to head back home to spend Christmas with my family. However, the winter storm turned into a blizzard, which is now keeping us in NY one more day.


So, things we are doing to keep busy:

1. Making applesauce, one of our favorite pastimes.

Photo on 12-26-12 at 10.47 AM #2


2. Knitting! One of my presents from J’s mom was knitting needles, yarn and a lesson. Here is what I have accomplished in an hour:

Photo on 12-26-12 at 10.54 AM


3. Cleaning the house.

4. Hopefully catching the Doctor Who Christmas special.

5. Spending time with family.


Second use of the word pickle:

Whenever we get home tomorrow, Christmas #2 will be occurring. We will gather around the tree, looking for the Christmas Pickle. Whoever finds the pickle first gets to open the first present and then becomes “Santa.”


We hope our readers have a great holiday season, as well as safe travels during the winter storm!


-J + L



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