A few events that have happened recently…

Remember that one time when I got so caught up with life that I forgot to blog? Oops. Here’s what you missed:

1. J turning 22…only a year a part in age until May!

2. J “graduated” from college on Saturday, only to return this week to take final exams (weird system…)

3. Today is my last day of bachelorette-hood. I am so excited. Cleaned the apartment, went to the grocery store, crossed what feels like a million things off of my to-do list. In less than 24 hours J will be home and I could not be more excited. Also, holidays are approaching- let the “I’m so happy winter break is almost here” singing and dancing commence.


Short post- hopefully a dinner post with tomorrow’s recipe (sweet potato shepherd’s pie!)

-L 🙂


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