I may have been a bit overly ambitious…Part 1

So, apparently, I really wanted to get a lot done today…however, I chose to start at 5:00…poor choice # 1.

After a long and hectic week at work, I wanted to come home and make a good dinner…which I will eventually eat (7:00ish?)

My original plan was to make and eat lasagna soup. Halfway through the recipe, I realize this is for the slow-cooker. Oops. Not really sure how to convert slow-cooker recipes to regular…that may sound like a silly question, but anyway…

So, I decided “let’s make the quinoa mac and cheese for tomorrow’s dinner!”

Although I followed the directions to a T, I somehow ended up with 1 1/2 times the servings it was supposed to make. Oh, well- more for me.

Back to the soup-

So, now the soup will be done around midnight…you know, when most people want lasagna soup, right?

Needless to say, that soup better taste good tomorrow after my long night of cooking.

Pictures to follow once all is cooked!



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