Sometimes, potatoes make everything better…

So today…started not so great, but ended fairly well.


If you haven’t noticed, Hurricane Sandy is rapidly approaching, throwing cold rain all over Ohio, even though we are about 500 miles from the Hurricane. I feel even worse for my friends in DC (best friend), New York (J’s fam) and Pennsylvania (my big sis) who are getting even more of the Hurricane.

Needless to say, it is pretty gross outside. I am cold. I needed dinner.

What to make? Hash browns.

I bought a bunch of potatoes two weeks ago to make mashed potatoes when J was here, but now find myself with four or five leftover.

So, here’s what I did:

  • Peeled two potatoes (small ones-this dish was just for me)
  • Grated the potatoes with my handy-dandy box grater
  • DRY THE POTATOES…if not, they will be soggy, not crispy
  • Put some olive oil in a frying pan-heat for a minute, not too hot!
  • Spread potatoes out in pan- thin layer so they cook evenly. Season with salt and pepper -not too much!
  • Now, I knew that I had to flip them when one side started to golden brown…wasn’t sure what to do. I took a big plate, flipped the  pan onto the plate, and slid the hash browns back into the pan (non golden brown side down)- Season with salt and pepper on other side (not too much!)
  • Cook until golden brown on other side
  • Eat. I had mine with scrambled eggs.

I like mine with ketchup. Clarification- not ketchup on the eggs: gross.


Seriously. My happiness levels went up with dinner. Well, that and the skype date during dinner with J.

38 days and counting!



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