What we forgot to blog about…get ready- it’s a long one.

So…last weekend we spent some time with some our favorite twins, B.1 and B.2 It was awesome. So awesome, that we took a bunch of pictures from our cooking adventures…and never blogged about them. Oops.  So, here we go…playin’ catch up. Also, some other cool things I have done this week during my vacation (J wasn’t too happy because he didn’t have time off like me)…

Agenda: 1. Twin weekend recap, 2. I made applesauce!, and 3. I made lattes!


1. So, like we said B and B were here, having a great time exploring our lovely little part of town. We live in a hippy-esque neighborhood near campus, which is a lot of fun. There are lots of bike-advocacy groups, free-trade coffee clubs, and a lettuce of the month club. Also, we found ice cream in our village that is made from white wine and wheat grass. Watch Portlandia, and you will get a sense of our town.

While they were here, we went to the farmer’s market, had a picnic in the rose gardens, and had a fancy homemade dinner (made by B.2 and myself).

At the market, we bought a lovely mild cheddar, a garlic/asiago loaf, some apples and pie. I also made a nice pitcher of peach iced tea. Because I am Pinterest-happy, I found a cute idea of making ice cubes out of tea, which stops the tea from diluting with regular water ice cubes. For an extra special touch, I put peach slices in the cubes- YUM!


Peach tea and peach slice ice cubes! YUM!


Garlic-asiago loaf from the Bread Guy…I think his name is Dan.

For dinner, I made salisbury steak and french-inspired carrots. The steak recipe was from Skinnytaste, one of my favorite recipe-sites. Here is the finished product:


Salisbury steak atop a pile of roasted-garlic mashed potatoes and a side of French-cooked carrots. Bon appetite!

French-type carrot things:

  • In a small-ish pot, saute (J hates that word) 1 onion (smallish chop) and 2 cloves of garlic in some olive oil
  • Chop carrots into little slices and add to carrots with rosemary and thyme. Stir and heat until soft (well, not stirring the whole time…that would be a lot of stirring.)
  • Swirl in a bit more olive oil at the end
  • Eat

2. Applesauce. Remember when I said we bought a bunch of apples at the market. We ate a total of three at the picnic, which left me with almost 1/2 peck of apples. What to do? Applesauce.

  • In a BIG pot (such as the one you make soup in), pour in about 1-2 cups of water (let’s be real, I just put some in under the faucet)
  • Wash, chop (I sliced the apples in eighths), and add to pot
  • Heat to boil, then simmer.
  • This took about twenty minutes.
  • When the apples have broken down, add some cinnamon (I just threw some in-not big on measuring apparently), and stirred.


  • Now, smart people with food mills would push it through there to make a quick applesauce. I do not own a food mill (yet), and therefore used my noggin and got creative. COLANDER. I pushed the applesauce through the little holes in the colander, separating the sauce from the skins, which I disposed of (in the trash, because our disposal isn’t the greatest)
  • I then scooped the thick applesauce into containers, one for eating and one for freezing (it freezes quite well.

3. LATTES! I just had one, which gave me enough energy to write this freakishly-long post! Coffee!

  • Make espresso as directions state (we got an espresso maker from my parents last Christmas-best thing ever)
  • froth milk
  • While espresso is brewing, make own vanilla syrup: 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup water in saucepan, bring to boil, turn off heat and add 2 tablespoons of vanilla. Stir and refrigerate leftovers.
  • Pour espresso into cup, add in as much syrup as you want (couple of tablespoons), pour milk in, and top with frothiness.
  • Enjoy.

In the morning, I’m makin’ lattes! This is the aftermath, in which we realized ‘hey, we should blog…’


Apologies for the LONGEST POST EVER. We’re still working on this whole blog-everyday-so-you-don’t-have-ridiculously-long-blog-posts-thing.



3 thoughts on “What we forgot to blog about…get ready- it’s a long one.

  1. SugarCoatedNoms says:

    hey L. its teresa from camp (we share the coolest day to be born.) i came across your blog and find it very entertaining.

    since youve made applesauce you should totally get into canning! i just started and have made all kinds of delicious things that last eons.

    check out my blog if you get a chance. i talk alot about food and art and food related art!

  2. sybaritica says:

    Great idea with the tea cubes 🙂

  3. Those carrots look really good!
    I practically never cook carrots… that’s a really good idea for them!

    Also, I’ve got to try those lattes. We got an espresso maker just like that as a wedding gift. 🙂


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