you know…

…all things considered, we’re pretty lucky. There are a lot of people who aren’t nearly as happy or healthy as us. The storm might have knocked out our power (and the AEP report says it may be out for about a week), but here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • We were able to save nearly all of our groceries (even though we had to get up at 6:30 am to rescue things from the fridge)
  • We have a family who would never let us go without food or somewhere to stay. (We’re staying with them temporarily.)
  • We managed to avoid panicking, kept clear heads, and got through the worst of it.
  • As we drove around our dark, tree limb-laden town, we saw people helping each other in different ways:
  • For the most part, drivers were patient and kind, taking turns going through dozens of intersections without working traffic lights.
  • Early in the morning, one of the local coffee shops was offering coffee out of cardboard carafes at a table out in their parking lot.
  • Neighbors were helping each other move branches out of one another’s yards.
  • At the moment, we’re sitting on the couch at my brother’s, watching the Olympic trials and snuggling with cats.



One thought on “you know…

  1. Deb says:

    Yup, disasters happen and most of humanity turns out to be pretty reasonable, even nice, generous people. That’s a feel good you don’t get by watching TV. Glad you folks made it through this in good humor…and started a blog!

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