How Not To Make Veggie Burgers

DO: Follow this recipe at Skinnytaste for veggie burgers. (The mayonnaise is really good).

DO NOT, out of sheer denial, pretend that you have a blender, when you know in your heart that you do not. Should you follow along this path, you will begin to operate under the assumption that blender-related activity will proceed normally.


It will not.


NOTE: Electric mixer ≠ blender

OTHER NOTE: Electric mixer = mostly just throwing around a buncha beans in a bowl with some oatmeal and nasty egg bits. And a pepper.

OTHER OTHER NOTE: We DID figure out how to make squishy-type veggie-hash with mayonnaisey topping.



2 thoughts on “How Not To Make Veggie Burgers

  1. aw man! That sounds like some of my food attempts. it’s pretty bad when Bogdan is relieved that a meal just turned out. My lesson: turkey burger is not the same as beef.

    • jhuenem2 says:

      Agreed. We decided that we hadn’t smashed the beans enough in the recipe to make the whole thing hold together…

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