Wait… “stew” is a verb?

Welcome to the multi-category post: money, weddings (and money), food (and money)…and money. So not so multi-category as we thought. Whatevs.

What do you do when your air conditioning reaches 5 cubic feet? Go stay at a friend’s house…one who happens to be related to you, will make you dinner, and will let you sleep in their air conditioned household…and play with their cats.

Four days of 90 degree weather was starting to drive us a little batty. Thankfully, J2.0 and K decided to be nice and offer an evening at their home…I think this is the first time we have been this cool in about two weeks. Tasty enchiladas, friends and lemonade Passion teas. Mmm.

Another cool thing we did today? Yeah, that pun was definitely intended…Finding a decent florist in our neighborhood that a) listened to what we want in wedding flowers, b) actually cared about what the groom wanted (not just the bride), and c) tried her best to stay near our budget. When her first estimate was too high for comfort, she tweaked it to fit our budget, not just laugh and say “keep looking.” She gave us everything she could in our budget, and we hope to work with her for the wedding…also, look up Thai Orchids. Might be our favorite new flower.

Things we learned yesterday?…Other than “don’t forget to blog, because then you have a lot to catch up on”? …. Yep. Don’t do that.

You can make Indian food in your 1950’s kitchen, complete with gas range circa 1956 and aluminum cabinets from the same decade. What did we make? Chana Masala…aka, curried-chickpeas and rice. Yum. Be warned: although one tablespoon of curry was used, our kitchen still smells of the stuff 24 hours later…Totally worth it though. Also, cheap dinner (serves 4):

1 Onion- $0.42

1 Tablespoon of Curry- $2.54 (for a bottle)

1 can of Chickpeas- $0.62

1 8oz. can of Tomato Sauce- $0.79

2 Tablespoons of minced garlic- $1.00 (per jar)

Small bunch of fresh basil from farmers market- $1.00

Total cost per serving: $1.59…awesome.

Toss some olive oil in a pot. Chop up the onion into dice-sized bits and cook with the garlic in the oil. Pour in chickpeas, tomato sauce, curry and basil until it’s…stew? We put it on rice.

Other things learned yesterday? Paying student loans stinks…but, it isn’t as terrible as it seems. Things that do rock about student loan payments? Auto-pay. Why? Interest rate reduction and never forgetting to pay it. Also, watching the loan amounts go down with each payment. Pretty good. (Things J learned? “Stew” can apparently be a noun AND a verb. I just roll my eyes.)


We like other people’s air conditioning.


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